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Do you fear losing the job because someone shine more than you? Do you practice the strategy of divide and conquer? Executives who have this type of practice at the bottom they do not trust their own ability to succeed. It is a problem of insecurity. Mistake # 7: be pessimistic. There is nothing worse than a pessimistic leader. How promoting creativity and motivation in a team with this attitude? Mistake # 8: losing sight of the result.

I know many executives who are both focused on the tasks that should be done every day who end up losing the focus of why they do. Error # 9: don’t know the motivations of your work team. If you’re the executives that much focus on the goals that the company you are asking for or what the market demands but you forget that behind you there is a team that has particular needs, you’re losing a great opportunity to become a motivating force for them. Know what stimulates them will allow you to give them the fuel needed to keep them always animated doing the work. Mistake # 10: be too soft. A leader has what projecting strength and always demand results.

The idea of that get too close to your collaborator and get to know their motivations, needs or concerns is not to make you compadezcas you on him. The goal is to get items that allow you to motivate him either help develop their emotional blockages to take it to a higher standard of performance. Never lose sight the result pursued. You acknowledge and agree that you can improve. There begins the change. If you refuse or postergas, you’ll never be an outstanding leader; your talent is necessary to the world, why hide it or inhibit it? Yes you can! Leticia neighborhoods / author: 6 steps to develop success habits in a leader original author and source of the article.


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