Columbia River Gorge

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Only a small snack: The “Portland Penny” is how Portland got its name from very close to being called Boston. The partners Lovejoy and Pettygrove who had filed the claim staking the territory needed to reach a name for the rapidly expanding territory. Lovejoy be Boston, Massachusetts insisted that this would be the name, while Pettygrove equally adamant he wanted to be called Portland after his beloved Portland, Maine. Hence the “Portland Penny” when Pettygrove won two of the three releases. The works of the Empress was truly impressive.

There were beautiful Russian artifacts and amazing pictures of the gold rush and life in the Northwest during the 1800s. I spent much time just getting on and off the four aisles browsing the artwork. (Each floor has a different theme). Our first night in Portland we were invited to cocktails and hors d’oeurves in the Hall of paddle wheel that is in the back of the boat, with windows overlooking the paddle wheel. We were still busy place so that took a cocktail and took it back to our room to organize. The dinner was in the dining room of the Romanovs and the atmosphere was one of a ship. The food was very good served by a friendly and fun American crew. The dinner lasted about an hour to an hour and a half and then went to the Golden Nugget showroom to see the Pat O’Neal and the River Boat band big play Dixieland Jazz Music.

Well, if not then it never going to be. AMay fun and you are sharing with only 200 passengers. After the show I could stay in the ballroom bar or go to the paddle wheel for the duo of Kari & Jerry who not only were very good, but very nice. Of course, you’re in a new place every day and every day brings an exciting excursion, educational new and different. Our first day we cruise on the Columbia River Gorge, taking in the breathtaking views, granite cliffs and waterfalls of the Cascade Mountains, which takes its name. We very much enjoyed this trip and would recommend it to other adults, this is not a ship for children. For more information on the cruises please contact Mary C. Hanna or visit About Mary Hanna: The author, Mary Hanna, has sailed the world in ships that allowed him to navigate in almost all major cruise lines. After more than 60 cruise decided to gather their experience in an e-book share with other cruisers, beginners or experienced cruisers.


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