Fit For The Future With Internet Explorer 8 And Windows 7:

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ERPII solution GENESIS4Web now also runs on latest Microsoft platform Landau – already for some months the new version 8 of Internet Explorer by Microsoft could, as the most common browser be downloaded worldwide, or installed via the auto-update feature of Windows. Now many new PCs and laptops with pre-installed IE8 by default delivered since the official launch of the new operating system Windows 7 on October 22. To facilitate an early transition to the new operating system and the current browser version companies, the demand software solutions GmbH before the official start of sales had extensively tested breaking their entirely Web-based ERP solution GENESIS4Web in the new IE8 / Windows 7 environment. After the release of Windows 7, this test series was then extended on the final combination of operating system and browser. So GENESIS4Web could be released already completely in the latest version 2.2 for Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8. “Our developers and” selected key users of our customers are very satisfied with the new browser”, development director Frank Filpe reports on demand software solutions.

“Not only the more modern look & feel was very acclaimed. Also the performance of the browser has clearly improved in terms of stability, security, Web standards compliance and faster JavScript execution.” But not only the better performance in favour of a switch to the new Microsoft browser. The demand software solutions also recommends its customers the IE8 for GENESIS4Web access, because the new browser in contrast to his predecessors also less consumes the resources and reduces also the power consumption at the workplace. This is a current practice test by AnandTech, a prestigious IT portal operators in the United States. Therefore, about laptop battery life with the Internet Explorer 8 have up to 33% longer life than with other browsers. Profile demand software solutions GmbH the demand software solutions GmbH is an innovative, customer-oriented software and service companies, the ERP standard software based on State of the art technologies develops and supports its customers in the implementation of business software projects. The demand software solutions GmbH, headquartered in Landau, a branch in Steinfeld (Oldenburg) and since Feb. 2009, EEO has already 1980 laid the Foundation for the integrated software package a sales office in Central Germany.

These many years of technical and business experience has been incorporated into the follow-up system of GENESIS4Web and makes it one of the most modern and efficient systems on the market today. Organizational consulting, implementation support, software-as-a-service (SaS), comprehensive training and custom development round off the range of DSS. Three times in a row the Initiative Mittelstand is awarded the innovation price demand software solutions. As a customer-focused ERP Specialist demand software solutions offers all necessary components such as hardware, software, and services from a single source. Skilled and experienced project consultants to support demand Software medium-sized companies as general contractor for the introduction of GENESIS4Web and assumes responsibility for the ERP project based on partnership. Company contact demand software solutions GmbH Mr. Guido Hindahl-Marie-Curie-Strasse 5a D-76829 Landau phone: + 49 (0) 6341-592 – 0 fax: + 49 (0) 6341-592-200 E-Mail: Internet: press contact of trend Lux pr GmbH Mrs Petra Spielmann Oeverseestrasse 10-12 D-22769 Hamburg phone + 49 (0) 40-800 80 990-0 fax + 49 (0) 40-800 80 990-99 E-Mail: Internet:

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