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Hola, buenos dias:
I’m one of the developers of the project have told me the news this morning that our programs and images appeared on Wikipedia, I would like to note that both Luzzara like me, have no interest in appearing in it, do not believe that our programs are relevant, but what if they ask is a little respect for the programmers in general, give her time to others through their projects, as I imagine you do on Wikipedia.
So if you wish to add information on Wikipedia about our programs and images, please do so freely, you give permission, just as if you wish to remove the references in it, that’s your thing.
Let me be very clear that Luzzara server does not get any profit or benefit, or even self-esteem, and are the years we have been helping internet users, as well as working on several projects gnu, not now.
Mojandome a little about this controversy, I see that in the English version, there are entries on such programs as sharpreadery (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List of news aggregators) many others, and seeing that the character of the wikipedia is dynamic, not not understand this position strictly for your part in the Spanish version on the non-admission of sourceforge projects, there are many very good and they deserve to be included, I do not think though that the issues raised, but rather personal point of view arbitrary , this seems to me quite wrong, because your work or role should be that of an editor, correct entries and other features, but in no way to rule by mere personal impression, given that you’ve included articles on Shin Chan and honestly to me that if that seems irrelevant, since all posts pon Mazinger z manga series, just because you like yourself, things should be put to widespread interest, not by mere personal whim.
If someone feels offended, I ask you a thousand apologies, just expressing my opinion as a person, that is not worth more or less than that of any other.
Okay, first my apology ways reason to delete the item.
Sabbut, you do not have to justify, for anything, I said to you this morning to do what I want, I just go to see the entries on Wikipedia because I was informed by jabber. They see the discussion in muon wanted to clarify and discuss the topic, so I identify as acentillo and he said that the program was one of ours. What we do is well done, I assure you that we have nothing to do, you’re more surprised by all this excitement that has been assembled who will not ship the goods because everything we put in our blogs and website development this in view, and under CC licenses for those who want to use it.
That was just commenting the other guy, really do not need nor have we ever attempted to get fame or money from our works, which are put there for him to come serve him well or who use them, Never, ever we We advertised the project site is all html in a very austere and simple, following a utility we made for the site that hosts our blog today, put a small explanation of the utilities that are on sourceforge, long time ago we left on Softonic and many other sites, nor do we send them information or anything, what drew them to the sourceforge site, which you will notice that you have wanted to mount the other roads would have teleshopping faster, or would have done a website or made a cms with its pomp and ceremony, all that goes against our principles, we have always been like ants, without getting medals for us to get anywhere.
A saludillo

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