The Little Charles Took a Job

by yudaica2013 ·

Maybe now their tender minds are blank, but as they write, this writer have in goes out as if by magic. The articles must be between 500 and 700 (some more some less) words as a prerequisite for publication. To get your item has more words and has a longer and rich lexicon can add words to the ABOVE accessory set, so we have to Carlos went to buy ice cream, so Not written a good article, The Little Charles was just and casually persiflage could even as a somewhat silly and almost infamous to the place where people often bring their families to watch several shelves, including one of them had an extraordinary lion which a ghostly voice almost suggesting he roared go buy an ice cream, then and only then went looking for his sister to ask her if she wanted ice cream, she answered no and Carlos decides to go in search of Jaime which also said no and only then went for his great and extraordinary delicious ice cream, healthy, unsuspecting and infelicitous all rich chocolate sprinkles. understand?

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